Women’s Day

My name is Estelle Ndedi -Nzalli

I am  WoMoz Manager in CAMEROON,web developer at ingenieris ,technovation challenge mentor  

I started contributing to Mozilla Foundation since the creation of the community in my country Cameroon and to the Open Source related activities, since my Bachelor when I integrated the Open Source community in Cameroon (GEULIC and Linux).

Since my childhood I always had this desire to become one of the Women of Impact in my country regarding the field of ICT and especially encourage young girls in this area. My best memory are when I organized the #MozCoffee in the city of Yaounde, all the training and leadership sessions for young girls in Technologies that I mentored during he last two years and when I was invited to the leadership summit 2016 in Singapore.

From my membership to the Mozilla Community in Cameroon I learned how to manage the teams, especially how to manage Community Projects and especially how to increase and support our community.

The experience I have as a woman who works with the Mozilla Foundation is that women are not marginalized here. The Mozilla Foundation allows them to express and manage projects like any other person. I have learned from Mozilla and I would like to share with other girls and women  that as enterprising woman  if your projects are good Mozilla supports you through and all you need is the idea and to start ; Mozilla will be on your side.

Our challenges as Woman in technology is that sometimes we are not taken seriously in our communities, sometimes even marginalized until we prove our capabilities we are capable of doing and once our opinions are often questioned by not only men, but also many women of our field.
One that inspired me was a young woman from my country Dorothee Danedjo Fouba who fights to promote ICT in our country, as TechWoman she struggles to develop and educate young people in this area. Without any doubts, I know that we, as Women, have a critical role to play in the ICT empowerment of our country and now is the moment to get involved.

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