Great Impact Women’s Month

On this women’s month, in order to empower and help those people in distress to move forward and build a better future, CAERES – Centre d’Accueil d’Ecoute et de Restauration, organized under the initiative of its team of women supported by the men of the association, many workshops. We have choose the theme: Empower and Inspire Girls & Women.

It is in this sense that with the cordination of Mother Ruth Chantal Kenmogne the president of ASARFED (association for the assistance and restoration of distressed Children and Family) and I (Estelle Ndedi), we have organized dyeing workshop on clothes and artisanal hat, where we received about fifteen women for the training session which included going through the manufacture of the dye to revive the clothes. This workshop took 3 days. During the first day of this session, we learned to the participants how to setup a dyeing working environment, how to organize and arrange dyes, clothing preparation prior to dyeing and the subsequent tasks. The second day was dedicated to tools and techniques used to improve the quality of clothing after dyeing.
The third day was dedicated to the making of accessories hats to wear with clothes made using the fabrics dyed at a community fair of the International Day of Women

Dyeing workshop

Starch manufacturing workshop with cassava

Hat-making workshop


We have also worked with the same team during another workshop session this time, on the topic of making toilet soap  which, at the moment we write this report, is already in sell in the local market to help all the people in distress (widows, orphans, mum 3rd age, Widower…) , to support them while waiting  for their recovering. This CAERES soap is sold at the recommended price tag of 600 XAF per unit.
Soap with green clay, aloe vera and carrot

We had a seminar on interior Design & Decoration. During this track, we received a dozen of highly involved women who were given the opportunity to learn some tricks to improve the beautifulness of their own home and even make some decorative objects to sell as income-generating activities for the center and for them.

The best for the last we held 3 days seminars about ICT field.  The first one was in promoting the digital economy in Cameroon accentuates our first conference on how to make its business profitable on the internet with an audience of 30 people, we really inspired all its people in thirst to become or to get out. The second and  the last days workshops were focused on inspiring young people, within the framework of Technovation Challenge. Our young girls participating to the program, on the celebration of Women’s Day – 8th of March, have invited their friends to talk to them about what they are doing in this program and encourage them to also get involved In the learning of web literacy and to develop their businesses.#Mozilla #MozillaCameroon #WoMoz #WoMozCameroon #TechnovationChallenge #TechnovationChallengeCameroon #MozillaClubs #WebLiteracy

We ended this month of the woman by giving gifts to the children in order to encourage them by the Caeres team in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse

Une réflexion sur “Great Impact Women’s Month

  1. It may be a coincidence that I was born on March 8th: a day dedicated to the African woman, but that does not happen whenever possible I am available to lend a helping hand during the events that concern the Promotion of women. Courage to you My ladies 🙂

    #The Webmaster #Alain_Webcreator

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